All sessions with me are de-stressing & replenishing
– Private or Corporate
– One-On-One or groups
– Dynamic (you move) or Passive (I move you)

I combine yoga & bodywork methods such as various yoga styles, wholistic movement, stretching, healing therapies & contemplative practices.

Every session is tailored to suit you as an individual or to suit group occasions. Without planning to I have started to specialize in 50+ age bracket. I am so grateful for my clients trust on our shared journey.image
Methods I draw from :
– Vini-yoga
– Qigong
– Yoga Therapy
Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) : Abdomen Massage/’tummy massage’
– Thai yoga stretching
– General stretching
– Guided Relaxation
– Guided meditation
– Breathing practices
– Reiki

“After several failed attempts in the past I really feel I can now make progress and at last aspire to practice yoga. That is due to your personal skill, holistic approach, and… well, serenity. Thank you, I really enjoy our sessions.”
– Norman Gillespie, CEO Orana Foundation

Session Options :
1. Personally tailored yoga, stretch, wholistic movement & delicious relaxation methods in your home. 1 hr home/hotel visit. Find out how a weekly booking could fit into your schedule.
2. Luxurious passive Bodywork & CNT/’tummy massage’ & relaxation methods in your home. 1 hr home/hotel visit. For transformational results, consider a series of sessions.
3. Private Themed Event; Specifically designed combination of dynamic + rejuvenating methods; Birthdays, Bat Mitzvah, Hens Party, etc.
4. Private Mini Retreat. Supa luxe reboot. 1 day or weekend. Experience my wholistic lifestyle methods. 4 people max, staff co-ordination for all aspects of your replenishment.

A Body Holiday

‘A Body Holiday’, La Fountaine, Bahrain, 2013

5. Corporate Group Sessions : Specifically designed re corporate event ie: Partner Programs (spouses enjoy alternative to shopping), Team Building, short Guided Mediations & Breathing within a large corporate event, etc.
6. Corporate Consultancy : I help your company develop wholistic customer & brand relationships.
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Methods :
– Vini-yoga
Means adapting the teachings of yoga to the individual; I design your perfect session catering to individual needs, strengths & limitations. A fluid blend of Hatha yoga asana styles – Iyengar, traditional, Vinyasa, yoga therapy + conscious breathing (pranayama) & guided meditation, create an empowering & reconnecting experience.

– Qigong
Qigong is moving mediation; A process of focusing in & letting go at the same time. Sounds tricky but actually easy & fun. Enhances mind-body integration, better breathing & visualization capacity, & cultivates chi (qi/energy/prana) to balance body chi. Qigong exercises are part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

– Yoga Therapy
Building on the Vini-yoga concept of personally designed yoga for the individual, yoga therapy uses props such as bolsters, belts, blocks & more to encourage soothing relaxation that supports your natural healing intelligence.

“S’morning was was great, love the way you mix it up and take note of what I need…Thnx K.”
– Maria Farmer, Managing Director of Maria Farmer Public Relations

CNT/Abdomen Massage
Incorporating Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) (Chiva Som Resorts’ signature therapy) a powerfully effective & transforming stress relieving massage of the abdomen/’tummy’. Feel centered, become more aware of your ‘gut feelings’ by shifting emotional, mental & physical ‘stuff’ held in your belly. 25 years ago people asked me how I kept fit. When I told them I practiced yoga, they would say “what is that?” In 10 years time I believe abdomen massage will be as widely appreciated as yoga is today.

“Thank you for my ‘tummy’ treatment’ – it was super lovely, it felt like knots of anxiety had been cleared. I feel open and calm. Also in yoga yesterday my twisting postures felt deeper!”
– Jana Pokorny, Fashion Director, Marie Claire Australia

– Thai yoga stretching
Practitioner-assisted (I stretch you) yoga-based stretching, enhances free flow of chi (qi/prana/energy) through energy channels (meridians/nadis) in your body. Refreshing & relaxing.

“Just want to say how much I am loving our sessions and thankyou for you patience and kindness.” – Ken Thompson, Fashion Stylist

– General Stretching
Everyday body tune-ups for everyday fitness.”Stretching gives you the freedom to be yourself and enjoy being yourself.” – Bob Anderson, stretching guru

– Guided Relaxation, Guided Vizualiation, Guided Meditation
Transporting, stress-releasing best use of a short time in your day. Clear your mind & build emotional resilience through focused concentration. Experience 3 minutes now, click ▶️PLAY waterfall image on home page picture menu. 

– Breathing practices
Breathing is our connection to life. “When we breathe well, we create the optimum conditions for health and well-being.” – Donna Farhi, world renowned Yoga Teacher & Breathing Expert.

– Reiki
Reiki is part of Oriental Medicine. It is the transference of healing energy (universal energy, chi, qi, prana) through a practitioners hands, minds & hearts.