(Wholistic) Training Highlights :

Diploma of Yoga Teaching, Sydney Yoga Centre, Australia. Lead by Eve Gryzbowski, Senior yoga teacher, with Mardi Kendal & Colin Rivers. Curriculum encompassed remedial yoga, adjusting, Anatomy & Physiology, Pranic breathing & healing, ethics & business.

Eve gave me wings to fly.

“Eve gave me wings to fly” – Photo : Tourism Australia, 2014

One year assisting & mentoring for Remedial yoga with Eve Gryzbowski; Working with people recovering from strokes, cancer, living with multiple sclerosis, suffering from depression & anorexia.

Over 20 workshops, retreats & conferences in The USA, India, Australia with world reknown Hatha yoga teachers presenting a diversity of knowledge. Eg : Shiva Rea, Kaustaub Desikachar, A.G Mohan, Leslie Kaminoff.

Assistant to Caterina Pellegrino, Seer, Energetic Healer, A Metaphysical Journey 3 workshop series, Australia.

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)1 Practitioner Certification, Grand Master Mantak Chia, Universal Healing Tao Master School, Thailand. Curriculum comprised of 30 lecture hours in abdominal & organ massage, Anatomy, esoteric meditation, wholistic development, Qi-gong.

Over 40 assorted wholistic self development courses, seminars & conferences in Australia, Thailand, USA, India. Some examples: Reflexology, Shiatsu For Beauty, Dr Matsu Emoto’s Water Conference, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, USA & Osho Ashram, India.

Basic Qigong & 12 Cycle Programme, Master Zhao, Tiandi Qigong, Australia. Course programs incorporated elements of Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & meditation.

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)1,Certification of Participation, Grand Master Mantak Chia, Universal Healing Tao Master School, Thailand. 30 lecture hours comprising of abdominal massage, Anatomy, esoteric meditation, wholistic development, Qi-gong & the collection of 100 case studies.

More than 40 hours of private study with Dr Anor Junthip, Doctor of Thai Massage, Thailand. Abdomen massage, Thai yoga massage stretches.

Vipassana meditation, Australia, yearly 10 day silent retreats comprising 130 lecture hours on Buddhism.

Independent Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Certification, Peter De Ruyter, Wholistic Therapist, Reiki Master, Australia.

“Having survived cancer, Kate has helped me to release a lot of tension that I wasn’t even aware I was storing in my body. Not only is the stretching and relaxing made easy, but because of Kate’s Yoga Therapy I have become more aware of the potential of regular yoga, stretching and relaxing to help me cope in my daily life.”
– Bella, Graphic Artist & Web Designer

(Wholistic) Employment Highlights : 

Pioneer, Concept creator, Co-Producer, Writer & Presenter of Qantas Comfort Zone for Qantas, Australia. Enlisting Walkabout Films a world-first, five-show series screened on Qantas international flights 2003–2009 and lead to the creation of the Qantas airlines mind/body strategy. To watch trailer click on PLAY> on Home page.

SK Project presenting Be Your Best Friend for Aim For The Stars, Layne Beachly Foundation.

Self employed, home-visit personalized service offering yoga & breath focused movement + bodywork sessions. My clientele are high level professionals and people with demanding lives, aged 18 to 91.

Corporate Consultant, Co-Producer, Writer, Presenter, Inside Yoga for Foxtel & Nine MSN – filmed mini-shows, Freedom Moves for HSBC – in-store & on-line filmed segments utilized as customer relations work/life balance strategy.

“My wife and I are senior citizens to whom Kate Bell has been making home visits for some 18 months for weekly private yoga lessons. Kate has a very engaging personality, is kind and patient in her work with us and all times ensures that we are comfortable with the poses she suggests. She is totally reliable and has endeared herself to us in a way that we would not have thought possible when we started out.”
– Bruce and Isabel

Wednesday Night Stretch & Relaxation; A weekly breath focused movement + relaxation session. Age range 11 – 81.

3 day private retreat for a 4, Australia. Co-ordination of all aspects of retreat including advising staff on food & beverages. Designed as a gentle detox & ‘reboot’, a fluid fusion of yoga bodywork & abdomen therapy, group & individual sessions.

Sub-contractor teaching ‘yoga-fusion’ within gyms, for corporations, in high schools, yoga schools and other organizations; Some examples: UNICEF, Saatchi & Saatchi, YWCA, Sydney Girls High School, Yoga BC & The Athletic Club, Australia.

Contribution to print media, including articles & interviews : Good Housekeeping, UK, Selection, Canada, Readers Digest, USA, UK, Australia, Sydney Morning Herald x 3, Who Weekly, Cleo, Madison, Notebook, Health Smart, Australia, Brigitta Woman, Germany.

WHO Weekly

WHO Weekly

A Body Holiday workshop x 2, Bahrain : Co-produced & Presented, a 3 hour themed yoga & bodywork event. (One workshop was planned, however due to high bookings a second workshop was held the following week). + Private bookings.

Guided Qigong visualization meditation for an audience of 70 people, Bahrain.

Creator & Presenter of tailored & themed occasion specific sessions. Some examples: designing a ‘Partner Program’ for Caterpillar(CAT), ‘team building’ sessions for St George Bank & numerous private events such as birthdays, Bat Mitzvahs, hens parties.

Co-Producer, Writer, Presenter of Energize for Qantas, aired on all international flights.

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My backstory
Blessed to have lived a natural Aussie childhood in rural Arcadia just outside of Sydney, Australia, one of my favorite games was designing stretch & movement routines in our living room. Looking back much of what I spontaneously practiced was yoga. I chose Yoga for Phys Ed at Galston High School and tagged along with my big sis to Yoga classes at nearby Dural Squash Club. image

I began modeling internationally at 18; Traveling extensively gave me the most amazing opportunity to meet, experience and study with many of the worlds leading teachers in yoga and wholistic arts. My twenties were a time of ‘parallel lives’ juggling ‘all-things-wholistic’ and ‘dancing-in-discos-&-hangn’-on-beaches’. One day I hung up my party boots, allowed my tan to fade (a little!) and began an earnest journey towards something more.

Holy Kate! : Parallel Lives

Holy Kate! : Parallel Lives by Sofia Fitzpatrick, 1998

At 48 I have 30 years experience of my own personal practice and 18 years of teaching. My journey is open hearted and open-minded; I love experiencing wholistic bodywork methods, healing modalities & Spiritual Arts from all cultures and to incorporate the methods that resonate with me most, into what I share with others. My mission has always been to develop an evermore subtle awareness of what it really means to LIVE on earth.

Join me on that journey…