imageI believe everyone has their ‘thing’ in life; People tell me I have a ‘calm thing’, that I help them to feel at ease.

In 1998 I began teaching yoga after receiving my Yoga Teaching Diploma with Eve Gyzbowski at The Sydney Yoga Centre. Today I encourage others to breathe, stretch, relax, get grounded, feel centered & generally reconnect to themselves, through a range of wholistic healing arts & contemplative practices. I specialize in personalized situations & customized events. For options & modality info go to VINI-YOGA in picture menu bar.

I have assisted Qantas, HSBC, Caterpillar (CAT) and other large organizations recognize diversification prospects & services within the new niche ‘wellness’ market; My in-flight yoga fusion series for Qantas was a world-first concept and led to the creation of the airlines mind/body strategy that included Qantas Comfort Zone – an airline channel devoted to well-being.
PLAY > Qantas Comfort Zone trailer in picture menu barKate Bell - Model 003“Kate exhibits a natural radiance which shows her devotion
to a healthy lifestyle”.
– Michael Freedman, former Executive Producer of
Qantas In-flight Entertainment

Along with a Diploma of Yoga Teaching, I hold Practitioner Certification in Chi Nei Tsang(CNT)/Abdomen Massage & Reiki levels 1 & 2. I have received private tuition & mentorship from some of the world’s leading practitioners & teachers in wholistic arts & have completed numerous wholistic & personal development courses. See ABOUT Health Smart cover in picture menu bar for employment & training highlights + my back story.

“Kate is a caring, sensitive person who is interested in serving others”
– Eve Grzybowski, Senior Yoga Teacher, Blogger & former Founder & Director of Sydney Yoga Centre & Simply Yoga

This year marks 10 years of Wednesday Night Stretch & Relax, 6:30pm in The Rex Centre, Kings Cross/Potts Point. A community session where everyone is welcome, no booking or experience needed, mats supplied, $17 for the hour.

Entrance to the Rex Centre is in the far corner of the El Alamaine fountain park, there's a kids play-park right outside.

Rex Centre entrance is in the far corner of the El Alamien fountain park, a kids play-park is out front.

“Just wanted to say thanks for your Wednesday night stretch sessions. I really look forward to them each week. I have incorporated many of the stretches into my gym workouts and have really noticed the difference.”
– Sandi Lehman

I have lived a parallel life working as a fashion & advertising model since 1988! I hope that my continuing to feature in print & advertising media gives women my age & above recognition, and serves to inspire all women to develop & maintain a healthy, positive relationship with themselves. I am represented by Scoop Management.cropped photo

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