Thankyou for joining me on this journey.
I specialize in private Yoga Bodywork and Abdomen Therapy home-visit sessions. I am available to share with you 30 years of personal bodywork experience.

I hold qualification in Yoga Teaching, Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) 1 (Abdomen Massage) and Reiki levels 1 and 2. I have completed many other certificate courses in natural therapies.

My ‘thing’ is to intuit empathetically what an individual client needs within each session. I work with many high level professionals and it’s in all of our interests to achieve the outcome fast! Client feedback is that they feel safe to relax and explore themselves in our sessions.

My Yoga Bodywork sessions are a fusion of Hatha yoga styles (*Vini), yoga therapy, Thai yoga stretches, Qigong and guided visualization meditation; Abdomen Therapy sessions blend ‘tummy’ massage, yoga therapy, Thai yoga stretches and guided visualization meditation.

“Thank you for my ‘tummy’ treatment’ – it was super lovely and it felt like knots of anxiety had been cleared. I feel open and calm. Also when I went to yoga yesterday my twisting postures felt deeper!”
- Jana Pokorny, Fashion Director, Marie Claire, Australia

I have worked with Qantas, HSBC, Caterpillar (CAT) and other large organizations in co-ordination, production, co-production, consultancy and hosting roles, creating brand expanding products and services.

“Kate exhibits a natural radiance which shows her devotion to a healthy lifestyle”.
- Michael Freedman, former Executive Producer of
Qantas In-flight Entertainment

I am at your service for private occasion specifically designed retreats, workshops and events.

A Body Holiday Workshop, La Fontaine, Bahrain, 2013

A Body Holiday Workshop, La Fontaine, Bahrain, 2013

I have continued to work as a model since beginning in 1988. In Australia I am represented by by Priscillas and Close Models for The UK & Europe.cropped photo

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Everyone is welcome to come along to
Wednesday Night Stretch & Relax 6:30pm,
The Rex Centre, Kings Cross/Potts Point.
(Entrance in the far corner of El Alamein Fountain park, kids play park out the front).
No booking or experience needed, mats supplied, $17, 1 hour

“Just wanted to say thanks! Your Wednesday Night Stretch & Relax classes are wonderful and I so look forward to them each week. I have managed to remember a lot of the exercises and have surprised myself! I have incorporated a lot of the stretches in my workouts and I have really noticed the difference”.
- Sandi Lehman

* Vini yoga : Adapting the teachings of yoga to the individual.

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